Thursday, October 23, 2014

Magic is afoot...

Hello, everyone. Shell wanted me to come on to tell you she is getting over a bad cold. No worries, she will be back here on Saturday,  October 25th.

There will be a magical Halloween Party here. Come by and see what Halloween delights is in store for you.  

Shsh, keep this between us but a Faerie may come to the party. 

All are in invited. Only treats, no tricks. 


Monday, October 13, 2014

Dream Thought #68 : Everytime you wake up

Everytime you wake up ask yourself: "What good will you do today?" Remember when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it.- First Nation proverb


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Actors on Acting #2 : Halle Berry

Beyond the fame, money and glam of acting, there is the other side of acting. The business side which at its worst can be depressing and full of the isms that plague society. These quotes from Halle Berry reflect that.

There's art and there's commerce. You have to find a way to mesh the two. It's important to do the little movies just for the love of the art. But it's those big movies that take you around the world and make you globally famous.

You think I've got the highest award in my industry and all the best scripts are going to magically be outside my door ... and what I realize is that it doesn't happen. My life went back to relatively what it was. The struggle was still the same. Maybe people took my calls a little quicker but it really didn't materialize into something magical that would open up all these doors for me.



Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tonight is a full moon in Aries, a lunar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde in full swing. My moon sign is Aries. So all my fellow sun and moon Aries babies, this is our moon.

The effects of that ram powerful fiery Aries energy has really
shaken up my life. It has been for the better, still it is taking me time to adjust.

The energy of the full moon lasts for three days. Take this adventurous Aries action orientated moon and make plans. It can be plans to leave your job,travel around the world, declutter your home, etc. Be as detailed or loose with your plans as you wish then wait. Yes,I said wait. Aries energy has strong bursts of energy but doesn't have staying power. The next new moon is on the 23rd. Implement your plans then.

I know from experience acting on Aries energy can lead you into trouble. I have many stories I can share as a kid when I went into situations half cocked. Stocked on by my fiery Aries moon energy, I do dumb stuff. If I just waited and listened closely to my intuition I would have saved myself some trouble.

Anyway,tonight and tomorrow you can plan to take over the world,just don't act on it yet.

Wishing you all a wonderful Full Moon.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Mori boy

Happy Monday, my friends. Inspired by a comment from a regular reader here, I realized I have neglected to share Mori boy style here.

Mori boy style, just like Mori girl style, is all about muted colors that evoke a forest dreamy feel. Layering and accessories are a must.

This Mori boy is all ready to step out.

Bright colors can also be worn. Loving the bright pop of red mittens.

Mori boys exude laid back creative flair.

Look at all these wonderful belts and medals this Mori boy is rocking. Adore his hair too.

I had to add these pants too. Perfect for Mori boy and girl alike.

Hope you enjoyed looking at Mori boy style. True style knows no gender. Have a wonderful Monday.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Jake The Great

Happy Friday, my friends. Today is very special day for me and Sean. It's Jacob's birthday!! My little boy is three. boggles my mind.

Jake in the spring on the Bryant Park carousel.

It's been a momentous week for us here. On Tuesday, Jake had to say goodbye to his wonderful teachers who came to our home via EIC program. On Wednesday, he started preschool.

This is Jake and me walking to school on his first day.

Jake was a little nervous. We got to walk him to his new class and said goodbye. I burst out crying when he was safely in his classroom. We stayed to watch him through a special glass for a few minutes.(We could see him, but he couldn't see us.) I told Sean that we can go. I knew the longer I stayed, the harder it be to leave.

He's at a great preschool. He seems happy there and the teachers say he is doing well. I do know it is a big change for him especially. As for us, we miss having him home. I know this is what all moms and dad's go through. Today, I am still a bit weepy. In time, it will all seem like he was always in school.

This is Jake on the train coming back from his first day.

Later on today, we are going to surprise Jake with his first school birthday party. That will be fun.

Well, my friends have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Big birthday wishes to all the Libras out there. I will see you all right back here on Monday.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Mori Girl

Hello, my dreamy friends. There are a lot of great changes happening with me and my boys. I share with all of you on Friday.

Today, I like to leave a bit of beauty for you. Celebrating one of my favorites styles called Mori Girl. I have done posts on this style over the years. Mori girl loosely translates to Forest Girl. It's all about layering romantic clothes in usually muted colors. Mori girl style embraces bright and dark colors depending on your taste.

It is a beautiful misty Autumn day and you hear the Forest calling you. Today you need to walk among the trees and leaves in glorious colors of orange, red, and yellow.

You can put on that lace tea stained shawl you recently found in a thrift store to wear.

Should you wear the brown boots decorated in lace?

Or the green forest boots?

As you walk from your city door to the forest, you encounter other Mori girls. This one has colors in shades of pale blue ocean waves.

There's another Mori girl with pumpkin colored dress you almost brought yourself.

Right before you reach the forest, a Mori girl, who favors darker colors to wear, passes you with a friendly wave.

Now, you have finally arrived. Ready to enjoy your day in nature under an Autumn sky.

Hope you enjoyed our Mori girl adventure today. I'll see you right back here on Friday.